Sowing the seeds of HOPE

Published: 2021/2/9

Welcome to our 1st blog under the Build for Better banner.

It has been two overwhelming years of what initially started out as just a dream - to change the negative narrative in our country - to where we find ourselves today.

The journey thus far has been very rewarding on so many levels but it hasn't been without its challenges, especially when covid disrupted all our lives with so much determination some 10 months back and is still doing today. Sadly, there have been some dark days for many families and for our country as a whole. But there have also been glimmers of hope, reasons to be thankful.

Almost daily, I am humbled by the stories of individuals and groups who are doing what they can, where they are, with what they have. It reminds us that people are still capable of great compassion and humanity no matter what their personal circumstance. Most importantly, these acts of kindness encourages many to push on, too HOPE.

Remember, it is only together – being considerate of all earth’s inhabitants – that we will be able to make 2021 a truly happier and healthier year.

By sowing the seeds of HOPE, we can make a difference!

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