YWAM: Love The City Youth Camp

Youth campers embarked on a day of cleaning up the beachfront

For more information go to www.ywamdurban.org

YWAM – Youth With A Mission Durban recently hosted a week long camp with youth from the local area. With the theme of the camp being “Love This City”, they asked the youth to give back by participating in a beach clean-up.

The Love The City camp, hosted in December 2021 drew youth from in and around the Durban area and gave them the opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance AND an opportunity to do something to serve the city.

The team set out to clean up the beach between Pirates Lifesaving Club and Suncoast Casino. When they arrived, they were invited to participate in the Pirates/Build It beach clean up where one full bucket of beach litter earned you a free ice cream!

The youth got stuck in and 30 youth managed to fill an entire skip with rubbish within just 2 hours and their efforts did not go unnoticed as an anonymous Rotary member bought a cool drink for everyone picking up litter.

It just goes to show – there is always a way to Build For Better. To do what you can where you are, with what you have, and often, the reward is just around the corner.

Follow YWAM Durban on Instagram or go to their website (linked below) to find out more about their exciting plans for the youth of Durban in 2022.

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