Sinovuyo Dimanda

A transkei villager becomes a clinical associate and upcoming artist.

For more info, email or go to Facebook @sinodimanda.

Born and raised in the rural Eastern Cape, Sinovuyo excelled against all odds and has made a success of herself in many ways. After qualifying as a clinical associate she chose to return to her roots in the Eastern Cape in order to care for and invest in the community where she grew up. She is passionate about empowering young South African's such as herself through the avenues of providing health care and education. And uses her music and the stories behind her lyrics as a means to motivate and encourage young people.

Sinovuyo's first album was a great success and she is already well known throughout South Africa, but this is only the beginning of her career as a musician. We, her friends, think she has great potential not only as a musician but as the role model so many young South African's need. For this reason we would love to see her second album produced so she can continue her work as an inspiration for so many.

Sinovuyo's songs are written from the heart, from her personal experiences. She writes lyrics that are honest and sometimes even graphic, they depict real life stories that many young South Africans can relate to and be encouraged by.

She has chosen to name her second album iChiza which means 'medicine' or 'cure'. It is actually a nickname her mother gave her because she is an 'ichiza' to those around her. In her role as a clinical associate at Madwaleni Hospital she is a 'cure' for a community of people in great need. And she sees her music as a form of 'ministry' or 'cure' for those that need encouragement and inspiration in order to overcome difficult circumstances.

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